Polls for iMessage
Group Decisions Made Easy.

Create polls, vote, and view the results directly in iMessage. The easiest way to make any group decision.

Polls for iMessage

How it works

Seamlessly integrated with iMessage

Create a Poll

Create a poll without leaving iMessage. You can add links, dates, or times to each option. Use poll settings to control how things will work.

Vote in iMessage

Everyone in the conversation can simply tap the poll to vote, and they never leave the conversation.

See Live Results

Each time someone votes, the poll moves to the front of the conversation and the results update live so everyone can see what’s going on, even if they don’t have the app

Polls for iMessage

Great for any Group Decision

Get it done faster with Polls

What should we do for dinner?

Every day decisions made easy

What time should we meet up to study?

The smart calendar feature helps coordinate a date or timev

Which cabin should we rent for Tahoe?

Use links to compare Airbnb or VRBO listings, Yelp restaurants, and more

Who’s coming over for Ian’s birthday?

Easily figure out your guest list.

Polls for iMessage

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